American original Singer


Bobby Mc Ferrin was born 11 march, 1950. He is a great conductor known for his capacity to play with his unusual voice and his absolute pitch. He is also a very good showman.
If you don’t have the time to watch all, enjoy our favorite part at 6″20. This video is a featuring. The great bassist with Bobby is named Richard Bona, he is from Cameroon.

One response to “American original Singer

  1. I discovered Bobby mac Ferrin in a Jazz festival at the Hangar 11 (Tel Aviv port) He is unique ! Richard Bona also known in Israel thanks tof his several apparitions in Red Sea Jazz festival in Eilat. He is so funny, talented and so generous…
    They both succeed to captivate their audience thanks to their talents of course but also their ability to integrate us a part of their universe ; In fact we actually participate to their show. We are learning, sharing, creating sounds together. An amazing experience where body and soul meet and form a perfect single entity… LOVE IT 🙂

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