French singers (Proposed by Nathanael D. French liker)

What if the new american phenomena… was French?

Y-Bro is the history of two brothers from PARIS. They’re not twins, even if they look like, but you’ll see soon enough, it comes to the same thing.

Two brothers passionated of music since like always, 20 years of listening.

And then one day you wake up, and you feel like, listening has it’s time, and then , sharing you music sensitivity should have it’s own also.
So here we are, our two brothers starting a new story together, that will be, we’re hoping to be endless.

The little blue eyed , white blond man (a bit read-bearded), grown up listening so much hip-hop, a BIG inspiration came out of it, an ego as BIG, and a little flow of his own, kind of an explosive mix !

The white,dark haired, blue eyed man (with far fewer beard) spent so much time creating melodies with it’s guitar for the blond one, he started singing on it, with an incredible voice !

It is said that, all in all, it’s worth seeing and listening.

So here they are, spending days between the studio and college, preparing a little project for the weeks coming.


Make law

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